I’m excited to say that my BIRTHDAY is on “Superbowl Sunday” this year and I’m actually going to be able to attend my first Superbowl on my birthday!  I am SO excited! I’ve never been to a Superbowl game before!

Another thing I’m really excited about is an opportunity to participate in the “Super Scarves Program” !

Knit Stop is going to be ordering lots more “Colt’s Blue” and “White” yarn in order for our customers to help the Super Scarves committee achieve their goal of knitting 8000 scarves for the 2012 Super Bowl, which many of you know will be held right here in Indianapolis!!!

Check out the posters in the store and ask how you can get involved!!!

Stay tuned for guidelines for knitting the scarves if you want to do your part to contribute to such a fun project!


Check here http://www.knit-stop.com