Why You Should Use Your Capital On Experiences

happiness last after buying

What you own ends up owning you

As someone you who is employed and is working every week to pay their expenses, you feel the need of gratification and the easiest way to do is to buy stuff to make you feel accomplished and proud of a hard week of work.

Capital On Experiences

This is something that has evolved in the last years because of the way we live: full internet access 24/7 via tablets, laptops, smartphones, computers and even TVs is something that improves the way we perceive time and life.

To put it simply, we do not have the patience to wait for something to happen, and while information is provided to us at an instant, we expect gratification to appear the same way your content appears on the web.

This is why we tend to buy as much as possible to satisfy our need of accomplishment, but as a downside, we do not realize that what we feel right now after owning a new device, or a new car, or a new pair of shoes, is going to go away as quickly as your money.

How much does happiness last after buying?

  • A new possession will last one week, maybe a month, or maybe a year. Your happiness should not be constrained by the life cycle of your possessions.
  • Just because you bought a cutting-edge device, technology will always make it obsolete after just one week, thus giving you the impulse to buy the improved model, just to keep yourself fulfilled.
  • Adapting to your current lifestyle will depend on what you waste your remaining money on. If you are used to gaining gratification every week through minor expenses, then your wallet will suffer in the long run.
  • Experiences improve long term happiness
    Why should you focus on making experiences in life, rather than gratuitous possession hunting? Because we are built for memories.

happiness last after buying

When talking about experiences one must not only resume itself to vacations, holidays, or trips. Experiences are life-defining moments that can either be planned or just appear out of nowhere. In such circumstances, it would be best to accept them and go with the flow, or in another way just plan something that you wished to do, something that you wanted to improve for yourself.

If we eliminate the fun factor, there are other ways in which money can be spent: you can take a one day trip during the weekend in another city and once arrived, just start walking and enjoy the scenery.

Alternatively, maybe you wish to improve yourself on a professional level, so start booking that self-improvement course and start learning, or building yourself from the ground up.


How should you proceed

Start with something simple, such as a planned get away from your current habitat. At the end of next week make sure that you have a location that you want to visit, and start planning your trip. Make it short, but full of content for your mind, because your memories and learning will last a lifetime.