Flipkart Coupon – How Much Money Can You Save Using Coupons?


Shopping for anything you like is much easier if you know where to look and on what to pay attention to. Luckily, there is one, generic matter. As you assume, they are coupons. Since 2000, coupons have had a major role in online shopping, making the prices more affordable than ever before. But, how much money can you save in reality?

Conduct the experiment

Obviously, the answer to the main question here cannot be generalized, due to individual shopping requirements. As such, you may want to conduct an experiment according to the following guidelines. We actually did this and we will represent you our results.

  • The first month- During the first month we bought 10 items which were at a discount but we didn’t use coupons. The total cost was Rs. 100.000. Obviously, the actual items are irrelevant, let’s just say all of them were from electronics and clothes categories.
  • The second month- During the second month, we used all the coupons we could get in order to purchase the same items. The total cost was Rs. 50.000.

As you can see, the total savings is 50% per a month. Furthermore, we needed about 4-5 hours per week to obtain all the coupons. For those who spend most of the day on the internet, this won’t be an issue. In a matter of fact, it will be the simplest thing possible.

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The math of coupons

In general, coupons can save up to 30% per week on groceries, which is more than just important. Overall, in a month, you will save up to 50% on groceries only. When it comes to severe shopping, such as clothes, furniture, electronics, watches and accessories, the savings are completely different. We can say that they are much better.

The explanation lies in the coupons themselves. For groceries, they have a low discount, but for items we just mentioned, they have a much higher value, due to the higher value of the items, obviously. Coupons which will save you up to 80-90% of a single purchase aren’t rare.

Using the best coupons

Obviously, not all coupons are the same. Some are harder to get, but they bring better discounts, while others are easy to obtain, but their benefits are minor. One type of coupons we used in the experiment is Flipkart coupon code. They almost always get a discount between 35% and 90%, depending on the item you want to purchase.

At the moment, the best coupons are reserved for smartphones and laptops. Phones such are iPhone, Samsung S8 and several other, premium models come with coupons which will lower down the price up to 35%! The same thing applies to smart watches. We were impressed with the coupons for footwear. A few of them we found brought us impressive 60% discount, and just to add, we used them to purchase all-new and high-quality sneakers.

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At the end, we must summarize the fact coupons will provide up to 50% of savings to average users and up to 80% for more advanced shoppers.