Does idea of using internet marketing to have your own business is appealing to you?


What if you could build your business with minimal risk?

With the rules below, you could build an internet marketing business that eventually replaces your work income doing something you love!

Who would not want that?

However, you see it is not that easy. To achieve the ultimate internet marketing lifestyle, there are some laws you must follow.

These laws are requirements to become a successful internet entrepreneur.



One of the biggest problems faced by Chicken Entrepreneurs and wannabe internet marketers is the constant bombardment of new information and new ideas.

By nature entrepreneurs are creative and have tons of ideas on a daily basis.

Chicken entrepreneurs have even more ideas due to the ease with which they can implement and test an idea online.

This, however, causes the biggest problem for the Chicken Entrepreneur.

Jumping from one idea to the next without ever staying with an idea long enough to see it succeed is a huge mistake.

As such the first and essential trait needed by all successful Chicken Entrepreneurs is CLARITY


This includes knowing things like;

  • What business are you in
  • What’s your market and sub-niche
  • What business model will you follow?
  • What is your reason for being in business
  • What problem are you solving
  • What are your product and service
  • Who is your ideal customer
  • What are the hopes and fears of your typical customer
  • What are your goals and targets for the business?
  • All these need to be thought out, defined and written down.

It is only by achieving a high level of clarity that will ensure you can apply Law number 2



Once you are clear on what your business is, Who your audience is and what your goals are from the business your next challenge on the journey to becoming a successful Chicken Entrepreneur is the ability to focus!

The best definition I have for FOCUS is below – memorize this, write it out and stick it above your computer – it will serve you well!

  • Follow One Course Until Successful
  • That is the secret! Follow one path until you succeed.
  • Don’t bounce around from one shiny object to the next looking for a quick fix.
  • There is no get rich quick scheme that works!


There are no turnkey or push button businesses.

  • It all takes work, dedication and focus!
  • Once you succeed in one business then, by all means, move onto the next project, knowing you have one success under your belt.
  • However, until then pick one business and stick to it until you succeed!
  • Obviously all of this ties in, as the only way you will know if you have reached is if you are clear on your goals ( CLARITY).
  • Moreover, the only way you can follow the one course is if you are clear on your business model.

However, without Law 3 both the clarity and the focus will be hard to maintain


As a chicken entrepreneur, you will be keeping your day job and building a business on the side.


  • This means you will come home after a day’s work, help out at home, spend some time with your family and then …. late at night ….sit down to work on your business.
  • It is not easy! It will take energy and discipline.
  • Moreover, the only thing that will pull you through is the passion for your business, product or service!
  • It is the passion for your business and your idea that will give you the energy to sit down at 11 pm after a hard day and write a blog post.
  • It is the passion for your idea that will have you waking up an hour earlier before work to do some research.
  • It is the passion for your market that will get you through working weekends and evenings!
  • The majority of people do not love their day job, they fell into it and are stuck there or even worse have just settled.
  • If you are starting out with your own business – make sure it is in an area you are passionate about.
  • Alternatively, I assure you-you will not be able to persist through the tough times!

Moreover, make no mistake there will be tough times.

The good thing about being a chicken entrepreneur is you already have a job that is paying you.

There is no rush to create a business and make money from day one.

Take the time to think about what you would love to do. Research it. Benefit from the flexibility of choice you have to pick the right business.


Chicken Entrepreneurs are masters of time management. They can balance day jobs, family, their health and their business.

To succeed you too must learn to master time management.

Mastering time management is such an important skill I have dedicated an entire post just to the art of time management for the entrepreneur.

For now, re-read the above laws and start working on getting clear, focused and finding your passion.

This is the secret to achieving accelerated success on the internet.