Nancy George Designs

Nancy George is the sole proprietor of Knit Stop, an Indianapolis yarn shop that specializes in luxury yarn and features her own knitwear designs. Nancy first began knitting in 1982 when she was pregnant with her daughter Jesika. She later moved to Aspen, Colorado where she traded skiing for knitting for a time being and then took it up again when she was living in Southern California during 9/11. "The stress of it all found me in front of the television 24/7 and I finally realized I had to find something to do with my anxiety. Julianne Barberi a local newscaster of KTLA was talking about how all of the celebrities in Hollywood were knitting and so I decided to go out and purchase the book with Daryl Hannah on the front "Hollywood Scarves". From there it became my passion and I discovered people were interested in purchasing my designs. It wasn't until I moved home again after my daughter graduated from high school that I was encouraged to open up "Knit-Stop" by Debbie Paulsen who became the instigator of the whole store. "I just wanted to knit". I didn't want to run a business and she promised me she would handle all of the finances. So she was very influential in me getting off the ground. 

 Although born and raised in Indiana, Nancy spent much of her summers as a teenager in Ruidoso, New Mexico with her family, while her mother and father raced horses each summer at Ruidoso Downs. 

During those magical summers in Ruidoso, which was also the hippie movement, Nancy was greatly influenced by the American Indian culture and it's arts and crafts and jewelry making.   On the weekends her mother would pile the kids in the car and  travel to the nearby Indian Reservations such as Taos, and towns including Santa Fe on the weekends  because of her great love of Indian Culture. "I can remember ever since I was little I would not only look at design, I would study it. I would literally obsess at patterns and designs always noticing what colors were placed near each other, and what colors and designs complimented each other. I can actually even remember  studying the wallpaper in my grandmothers bathroom that had buttons all over it! I loved going in there just to study the wallpaper! I never could draw but I was always good with my hands and loved to make things. 

Through the years I tried everything from Jewelry Making, Quilting, Ceramics, Stained Glass to cutting hair, gardening and Interior Design.  I knew I was talented,  but could never stick to anything long enough and would lose interest. I was excited by design ~ period! Not until I began knitting again in 2001 did I realize how I could never really ever get bored with knitting... there are just too many possibilities! And THAT excited me! Not only that~  but you could actually WEAR Ithings once you made them!

In college I attended Arizona State, where I was surrounded by Southwestern Art and Galleries in which I would find myself wandering any free time I had away from school just studying the Indiana Art I admired so much, paying close attention to detail. 

My family is has always been involved in some sort of racing whether it's horse-racing or in automobile -racing so I often spent a lot of time sitting around and waiting for others to get ready to leave,the track, Oftentimes growing up I would become  bored, impatient and anxious always looking for something to fill my time and was always happiest making something!  I love to knit because it takes away all anxiety and relaxes me and enables me to think about the other things in my daily life I want to accomplish and just reflect on other things going on around me. 

Growing up around the entertainment world where everyone is socializing can often cause social anxiety that I wasn't even aware of until I started knitting and realized how much more relaxed and happy I was knitting. I've always liked to stay busy with my hands but with knitting you can anticipate what you are making the whole time you are making it and it's just so interesting how garments are actually constructed! Like most knitters I often find myself studying store bought sweaters made by famous designers like Ralph Lauren for instance,  trying to figure out how they are constructed! I get inspired by others designs and that usually gives me a direction, which I almost always change.  I make mistakes almost always! I used to be afraid of making them and then one day I realized that almost ALL of my best designs were often if not always from making a huge mistake!

That helped me to relax and not be afraid and that is when my creativity  really start to flow!"


Nancy on a knitting trip to Spain with Maggi Jackson 


Nancy George, who’s perpetually busy with her knitting needles, is the sole manufacturer of a new line of shrugs, shawls, skirts and other loosely shaped garments that you can wear in any number of ways (The “skirts” are particularly lovely when layered over a lacy half-slip; the shrugs will keep your shoulders warm on a cool summer night.) George, who totes a large knitting bag everywhere she goes, says knitting is her therapy and her passion. Wherever she travels, she stops at yarn shops just in case they carry something she’s never seen before – which explains why her pieces are things we’ve never seen before, at least around here. -Indianapolis Monthly, August 2005