Patterns are here for download.  Enjoy!.

Nancy's Tilli Thomas Shawl

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This feminine shawl is made from the bottom up, starting with the ruffle. Once the ruffle is made it is turned upside down and the stitches are then picked up in order to knit the body of the shawl. It is a very easy shawl to make and interesting to try different yarns for different effects. My first shawl was started with Tilli Tomas Murials Crystals or Rock Star at the bottom of the ruffle. One complete skein was used for the ruffle. Then I changed to a matching "Simply Heaven Yarn" (without the crystals) for the body of the shawl (2 skeins of that are used). Near the top I added a few rows of white angora for a little "pop" of texture! This popular shawl can be worn several different ways, either straight down as a ruffled scarf, as a shawl (as pictured) or for a more dressy affair it can be worn backwards with a broach in the back of an evening dress. This shawl done in white makes a lovely gift for a new bride!  (It  even makes a darling valance for a small window or back door ~ believe it or not! ) Tilli Tomas Murial Crystals or Rockstar silk yarn was my choice but I've also experimented with linen and mohair and angora. Each yarn gives a different look and drape! Have fun experimenting with different yarns! You'll want to make it over and over in different colors! 

Rainbow Shrug

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This chunky and colorful shrug was designed when I realized I was running out of yarn for a scarf I was making. The yarn was so beautiful I hated to rip out the project so I decided it would then be a shrug! Deciding then that it still didn't reach around my arms as a shrug, I decided to crochet some extra fabric to join the sleeves together and add length to the sleeves, creating a crocheted "bell" sleeve. Rabbit fur was in front of me at the time so I decided it would be perfect for the collar trim! The whole shrug was completed on really large needles so it knits up quickly in a few hours for the average knitter! 

Simply Heaven Shawl/Jacket

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This little silk jacket was designed when I realized I had messed up on my original Tilli Tomas shawl design and didn't want to go to the painful trouble of ripping it out! I just so happened to have the exact color of matching Hanah Silk Ribbon so I decided to make it into a different type of garmet and it was featured in the fashion show at Stitches Midwest in 2007! I was inspired by this design from  my travels to New Mexico and Colorado, growing up around all of that turquoise jewelry! I pictured it with a long skirt and cowboy boots in Aspen!