How To Train Your Brain To Go Positive Instead Of Negative

successful businessman

Have you ever wondered what is the main difference between Bill Gates and you, besides the USD 50 billion? It shows that you are where you are today because you chose to be there for better or worse. It was your decision and no one else.

Bill Gates

Not even your circumstances. The thoughts you had led to the decisions you made up to today determined your life right now.

I have heard this so many times, I challenged and argued with it for some time. Guess what? Unless you can finally “get it,” you can achieve the success you are looking for by leaps and bounds.

Why? Because you are what you think. Thoughts are real; They are so real and so powerful. In fact, you use your brain to determine how wealthy you can be.

How we live, and whatever we do, can have a profound impact on the physical structure of our brains. If we are what we eat, as the saying goes, we also are what we think. Alternatively, rather how we think and as well as how much we think.

The neat part about this truth is that you are 100% in control of your thoughts. In fact, your thoughts are the only thing in this world you have 100% control over. We may have difficulties in controlling our thoughts at challenging times. That is because we are not “perfect” in our skills in controlling our thoughts.

The biggest factor that will determine if you are successful in your action is whether or not you build to create a mindset that encourages and you to take the everyday actions and disciplines required for success.

successful businessman

Only you can decide if or not you want to train your mind to think like a successful entrepreneur, and hence, become a successful businessman. Your self-talk determines everything. You can talk yourself into success just as easily as you can talk yourself out of it.

The lucky person simply does the things the unfortunate person makes a conscious decision not to do. Sound familiar? If you are not careful, your mind comes up with logical reasons or excuses to justify them. So ask yourself honestly. Are those truly “real” reasons, or are they just excuses?

Life gets in the way “or some such “motto,” but the fact is YOU get in your way.

We tend to excuse ourselves for not following through on what we know we should be doing to succeed. Moreover, one reason leads to another and the “rut” in our life continues.

There is a saying; he who has consistent thoughts about having abundance will be addressed more logical thoughts about having abundance. He does not have rational thoughts about wealth will even have the thoughts of abundance taken away from him.

Why? Consistent thoughts produce a particular pattern of thinking. Patterns of thinking create beliefs, attitudes, and values. Beliefs, attitudes, and values create actions. Actions produce results.
So if you do not have what you want, it is likely your current state of thought is incompatible with your goals.

So how do you become the person you need to be to create wealth and abundance in your life? First and foremost, you must train your mind to think differently if you want different results. Not 100% change at once but begin with 1% change and that small change can make a different to your life.

Here are some other suggestions:

1. Introduce others to your world on a daily basis who already have what you want. It is said that you are the total of the five people you spend most of your time with.

2. What are Tv shows do you watch when you get home? Are they up uplifting and educational?

3. What do you listen to? Self-improvement and business coaching?

4. Do you read books? If so, are they design to educate and empower you?

5. Surround yourself with the presence of successful entrepreneur and network marketer each day in the form of books, audio training, etc.

When you finally accept that you have greatness within you, the truth will empower you to condition your mind free from any excuses and justifications that are holding you back from your ultimate potential. Most millionaires are not born. They are self-made most of the time.